Start with a Free Tier AWS Account

Start with a Free Tier AWS Account


Amazon Web services provide free tier for the customers where they can use AWS services free of charge up to a certain limit for each and every service. Lets Start with a Free Tier AWS Account here

AWS Free tier is available for 12 months. When the free tier expires AWS starts charging the services according to the rates and resources we have used.

Therefore, we have to track our AWS free tier usage by setting a billing alarm so that it will notify us if we exceed the free tier limit in this way it helps us to stay in the limit.


Management: Free tier limits of AWS

  • AWS have a limit once the free tier gets exhausted that we will be charges.
  • Every service has a different limit.
  • Many services have multiple limits like EC2, S3
  • Few of the services are charged monthly, hourly and some by the minute and some by requests.
  • Amazon EC2 machine works on an hourly basis its free tier limit is 750 hours and the detailed description is also mentioned.

Usage of Free Tier on an hourly basis

  • Some services like Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Elastic Load Balancing, charge for usage on an hourly basis. These provide services monthly with a limit of a few hours for the first 12 months.
  • The free tier service limit of every service is mentioned in the free tier service account.
  • The free tier for Amazon EC2 usage is 750 hours in any Linux (any combination of t1.micro,t2.microand t3.micro),750 hours for windows (any combination of t1.micro,t2.micro, and t3.micro) for 12 months. In a few regions if t2.micro is not available then the t3 .micro supported under the AWS Free Tier.

Amazon Machine Images :

  • We must select an Amazon Machine Image(AMI) which is eligible in free tier when we start an Amazon EC2 instance.
  • This helps in licensing restrictions as some AMIs are not eligible for the AWS Free Tier.
  • If the services aren’t available we get a popup showing that services are not eligible. It is shown below in the image
  • We can find the eligible AMIs in the Amazon EC2 launch Wizard as free tier eligible.
  • The AWS free tier for windows and Linux are counted separately.

Tracking your AWS Free tier usage

  • We can track our Aws free tier usage by viewing the top AWS free Tier Services by usage table on the billing and cost management dashboard to see which five services we have used the most and how much we have used them.

AWS Free Tier alerts usage and AWS budgets

  • The free tier usage alerts are automatically provided by the AWS using AWS budgets.

  • This allows us to notice when we are exceeding 85 percent of our users in the month.
  • AWS sends the email by alerting us to notify us that we have exceeded specific service.


  • It helps the customers to explore and learn and try new services free of cost.
  • Some features are partially free some are fully free, but they are free at least for a few hours for 12 months.
  • We need to manage our free tier account in order to avoid charges.
  • This helps learners to try without cost which boosts up confidence as many of our customers think for trials.
    Start with a Free Tier AWS Account here

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