Oracle 20c New Features and Step by Step Installation Oracle Database 20c on Oracle Cloud

The latest annual release of the world’s most popular database, Oracle Database 20c, is now available.  Learn Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:


Oracle Database 18c,19c and now 20c  is the latest generation of the world’s most popular database, and may be deployed on-premises and/or in Oracle Cloud running on general purpose hardware or engineered systems specifically designed for database workloads such as Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance.

Oracle Database Release 20c New Features

Big Data and Data Warehousing Solutions

In-Memory Deep Vectorization: Oracle Database optimizes hash joins by pushing operations down into the scans of both sides of the join.

Self-service Low-code Spatial Studio

Property Graph: Graph Server and Client Kit : You no longer have to copy the Property Graph in-memory analytics server (PGX) and client tools and libraries from $ORACLE_HOME.

New NETWORK_DATASTORE Data Store Type for Oracle Text: Starting with Oracle Database 20c, you can use a new data store type called NETWORK_DATASTORE instead of the deprecated URL_DATASTORE data type.

Automatic Synchronization and Index Optimization: Automatic synchronization is now the default for new indexes. Automatic background optimization works on all index tables.

Security Solutions

Force Upgraded Password File to be Case Sensitive

Connect to Multiple Databases with Different Certificates from a single client

Oracle Blockchain Table: Blockchain tables are append-only tables in which only insert operations are allowed. Deleting rows is either prohibited or restricted based on time. Rows in a blockchain table are made tamper-resistant by special sequencing & chaining algorithms. Users can verify that rows have not been tampered. A hash value that is part of the row metadata is used to chain and validate rows.

Performance and High-Availability Options

Standby CDB Continuity: PDB data files that are in an inconsistent state with the primary (i.e. cloned, flashback events) are recovered separately without the need to impact normal Active Data Guard operations for the Standby CDB(s) which required a short pause in operations previously.

LogMiner Views Added to Assist Replication: The DBMS_ROLLING package contains a new parameter that enables you to block the replication of operations unsupported by Transient Logical Standby.

Active Data Guard – Standby Result Cache

Oracle ASM Flex Disk Group Support for Cloning a PDB in One CDB to a New PDB in a Different CDB

AutoShrink: Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (Oracle ACFS) automatic shrinking automatically shrinks an Oracle ACFS file system based on policy, providing there is enough free storage in the volume.

Automatic In-Memory Management Enhancements: Automatic In-Memory Management enables, populates, evicts, and recompresses segments without user intervention.

Hybrid In-Memory Scans: Oracle Database supports in-memory scans when not all columns in a table have been populated into the In-Memory Column Store (IM column store).

Database In-Memory External Table Enhancements

For a partitioned or hybrid external table, the INMEMORY clause is supported at both the table and partition level. For hybrid tables, the table-level INMEMORY attribute applies to all partitions, whether internal or external.

Tools and Languages

Analytical SQL and Statistical Functions

Bitwise Aggregate Functions

Oracle Machine Learning for SQL

Oracle JVM Security Enhancements

Database Upgrade and Utilities

Database Upgrade and Utilities: Oracle Data Pump Includes and Excludes in the Same Operation

Oracle Data Pump Resumes Transportable Tablespace Jobs


Oracle Database Automates Database Upgrades with AutoUpgrade


Oracle 20c database is only available in Preview mode. To install the 20c please follow the steps:

  • Login to OCI Account
  • Go to Bare Metal, VM and Exadata
  • Create DB system
  • A pop up window will appears, fill all the information
  • Choose storage management and Software Edition

As soon as Oracle released 20c, I will install it and write Oracle 20c Installation article.

Oracle Database 20c – Documentation and Cloud availability

First of all, find the Oracle Database 20c documentation here:

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