OCI 1z0-932 Certification Preparation

Are you OCI 1z0-932 Certified ? Not yet… Then why to wait for , Lets start your OCI 1z0-932 Certification Preparation by learning OCI concepts with us. You can check our Online Training Section for more details. For OCI 1z0-932 Certification Preparation you should have knowledge of OCI Components , Network , Storage and many more. If you already have knowledge of OCI 1z0-932 Certification Plan then why dont you test your skills using our Practice Guide and Sample Question. This post will help you for OCI 1z0-932 Certification Preparation.

OCI 1z0-932 Certification Preparation- OCI 1z0-932 is very essential for all who wanted to move to cloud profile. Our team have collected many sample question for OCI 1z0-932 which are just a model questions and can help you to prepare for the OCI Certification. Now why to wait for, lets test your knowledge on OCI 1z0-932 Certification.

               Sample Questions


OCI 1z0-932 Certification Preparation multi choice questions

NO.1 Which two statements are true about policies?

A. You can use read, write, manage, and inspect as verbs for defining a policy.
B. A policy is a document that specifies who can access which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources that yourcompany has, and how
C. Users need not do anything but still have to be added to a group with appropriate policies defined.
D. You can deny access to a group via policies.
Answer: B C Explanation Reference:

NO.2 Which certificate format is used with the load balancer?
Answer: B

NO.3 Which
statement is true about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Service?

A. An Archive Object Storage tier bucket can be upgraded to the Standard Object Storagetier.

B. You cannot directly download an object from an Archive Object Storage bucket.

C. An existing Standard Object Storage tier bucket can be downgraded to the Archive Object Storage tier.

D. Dataretrieval in Archive Object Storage is instantaneous.

Answer: C


PS: This post is only to educate you and give you overview of the OCI Certification exam and these question may not be real question which can come in exam. 

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