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Oracle Golden Gate Mode Introduction

Overview of Oracle Golden Gate Mode and Oracle Golden Gate Introduction:

Oracle  golden gate feature provides  real time low  impact  change. It capture  mechanism which  can  be  used  homogeneous  or  heterogeneous  environment  of  databases. Oracle Golden Gate also  provide  high  availability , zero downtime. It also maintain  transaction integrity  of source databases changes. In this section we will discuss on Oracle Golden Gate Mode and Topology.

In the next section we will discuss more about Oracle Golden Gate Modes and also Oracle Golden Gate Topology.

Mode / Topology of Golden  Gate:

   Oracle Golden  Gate  having have different modes and topology and these are as following:

Data warehouse.

So there are five different modes and topology of Oracle Golgen Gate. Now lets talk about Oracle Golden Gate modes and topology one by one.

1. Unidirectional

Source database  tables  changes  replicated  in  target   databases that  is  one  way replication happened & i.e.  known as unidirectional mode

Oracle Golden gate Unidirectional Mode/Topology

2. Bidirectional

When source  and  target  databases of the  tables  replicated each  others  and  both  environment changes   are  in sync.

Oracle Golden gate Bidirectional Modes and Topology


This  is  also  unidirectional replication mechanism   but  tables are  replicated through multiple  source and  target  environments and  replications cascading  till  last  target   database.

Oracle Golden gate CASCADING Modes and Topology

4. Broadcasting

Source tables  changes  replicated   to  multiple target  environments   with multiple  or  single  dump processes .  target  environments  can  be  use for  reporting or  development  activity .

Oracle Golden gate Broadcasting Modes and Topology


Multiples  source  DB  tables changes   can  be  integrated  into  one  target  DB environments, that  target  DB would  be  known as Data warehouse and  can  be  used  for  OLAP activity.

Oracle Golden gate  DATA WAREHOUSE Modes and Topology

In this way we have learnt about Oracle Golden Gate Overview Introduction. We have also covered different modes and topology of Oracle Golden Gate. In the coming posts we will talk more in details about these Oracle Golden Gate modes and topology. Stay Tune. If you want to learn more on Oracle Golden Gate you can visit Our Course Section . You can also visit Golden Gate explanation by Oracle.

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