AWS Technical Essentials

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About Course

AWS Technical Essentials  course ,we will cover AWS History, AWS Services, and common solutions. This course covers demo live session, Lab activities. In this training we will covers various topics like : Compute, Storage, RDS Database, Networking, IAM, Load Balancing, DNS and many other AWS services.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Introduction to AWS
  • What is AWS
  • Why it is such hit
  • Global Infrastructure
  • History and Evolution of AWS
  • Overview of AWS Services

What Will You Learn?

  • Align with new technology.
  • Understanding and Value of AWS Cloud
  • Why Cloud Knowledge is critical
  • Start working as cloud engineer
  • Recognize the valuable way that the AWS can be used

Course Content

Chapter 1: Overview & Background of Amazon Web Services
This chapter explains about Overview and Background of AWS. Course Overview and different available services

  • Introduction To Amazon Web Services

Chapter 2:Identity and Access Management (IAM)
The Chapter we will learn User Management. Using IAM how we can maintain , monitor and manage the Access of AWS services. In Lab section we will create few users and provide access to AWS Services.

Chapter:3 Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
The Chapter explains users with details of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. How to create Private Cloud Network inside Public Cloud. Roles and types of network options inside the VPC. In Lab we will create custom VPC and spin off few instances in this VPC.

Chapter 4: Elastic Cloud Compute- EC2
The Chapter will help users to understand what the Compute services is and its many uses. Users will learn the how to launch EC2 instance. Users will also learn different options in EC2 section like AMI, Auto Scaling. In Lab section we will create one EC2 instance and do various activities.

Chapter 5: Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
The Chapter will help users understand AWS Storage options. Users will be able to create Object Storages and different functionalities of AWS S3 Bucket.

Chapter 6: Amazon RDS Databases
The Chapter will help users understand all the different types of database that are available in today’s IT environment and will demonstrate the services that AWS provides to simplify database administration, management and migration.

Chapter 7: AWS Application Services
The Chapter shows users to manage the message queues for Microservices, distributed systems and serverless application.

Chapter 8: AWS Solutions Architect Exam
The Chapter informs users about how to register for the exam and its requirements. Users will also learn some study and exam tips.

Chapter 9: Key Takeaways and Recap
The Chapter concludes the topic with Key Takeaway from this course and small recap of all the services along with Feedback and Q &A Section.

Chapter 10:AWS Snowball

Chapter 10: Amazon CloudFront

Chapter 10: Amazon Detective