AWS Snowball

AWS – Snowball

AWS transfer data to cloud from on premise to Cloud using AWS Snowball


Amazon Snowball is petabyte data transfer solution. AWS Snowball Physical Migration is hardware to transfer your on premise data to amazon. AWS Snowball is highly secure. It can transfer large scale data to AWS Cloud.
Amazon snowball can be used when you have large data and want to transfer to AWS Cloud. Traditionally if you uses data transfer using network then it will cost more , long transfer time.

Disadvantage of Traditional Network Migration

Transferring your data from on premise to AWS cloud will have many challenges , like:

1. Network Cost
2. Long Transfer Time
3. Security Concern

AWS Snowball is a service used to transfer large amount of data into and out of the AWS cloud at faster than-internet speeds. By using AWS Snowball Physical Migration transfer up to 100 petabytes. Snowball edge is a 100 TB device , can transfer day-to-day data, local processing. An edge compute compute workloads.

Benefits of AWS Snowball:

AWS Snowball comes with many benefits. Lets talk about few benefits of it.

1. It can transfer large scale data securely
2. No high network cost involved
3. Less Transfer Time
4. Highly secure and Encrypted
5. Extremely Scalable
6. Tamper Resistant & Secure

Import / Export Snowball:

AWS import / Export snowball imports and exports large amount of on premise data to Amazon S3 easily. It used Amazon provided safety appliance.

AWS Import/Export Snowball – Transfer 1 Petabyte Per Week Using Amazon-Owned Storage Appliances

Uses of Import/Export Snowball.

1. Cloud Migration
2. Disaster Recovery
3. Data center Decommission
4. Content Distribution

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