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Amazon S3 - Create bucket Introduction

Amazon S3 Bucket is web based service provided by Amazon where unlimited object storage can be saved in a bucket. To avail this service you need to create one bucket and provide the bucket name , region where you want to keep your storage. Amazon S3 Bucket can be public or private both. It is recommended to keep the bucket private. 

You can provide the access to users who can access the Amazon S3 Bucket. To know more about user access  click here This guide will help you to understand how to manage a user and their roles.

  • Login to Amazon Web Console

    Lets get started and for this we need to login to amazon account. If you still don’t have user account you can create one. 
Amazon S3 Login Image
  • Go to Services – Storage then S3

    As soon as you login to Amazon Console you can click on Storage and S3 which will take you to Amazon S3 Bucket

  •  section. 

Storage S3 screenshot from Aws console
  •  Click on Create Bucket to start creating the bucket.

    In this section we will create one bucket in the region where you have spin off the Amazon Services. To know more about Region you can click here

Click on Create bucket
  •  Here we need to give Bucket Name. Bucket name should be unique for the region which is selected.. Region you can select anyone but it is recommended to select the region which is near to user location. In this screenshot we have chosen US East (North Virginia) 
give Bucket Name.
  • You can see there is one option where you can copy setting from an existing bucket. This option will copy the user permission and access and same user access and permission it will be given to the newly created bucket.


  •  You can choose to select the default values and click next.

    Configure option will have many features:


a. Versioning – This option will keep all the version of an object in the bucket and give version name
b. Server Access Logging – If you want to keep the bucket secure and to access  the bucket it requires additional access from the owner of
c. Tags – You can give some tags to the buckets so that it can be easily tracked
d. Encryption – It automatically encrypt objects when they are stored in S3. Encryption can either bet taken from Amazon or from Outside.

choose to select the default values and click next
  • Block public access (bucket settings) –  In order to give access to the buckets public  you need to select this option.
choose to select the default values and click next
  •  Review the bucket inputs such as Name, Region, Option of Versioning, Server access logging, Tagging Object-level logging, CloudWatch request metrics, Object lock 
choose to select the default values and click next
  •  Set permission, Review and Create
Set permission, Review and Create

In this way you are able to create one bucket and now once bucket is created then you can start storing your objects  like ( images, videos, data, backup etc )

Read More about Amazon User Creation Visit – AWS – IAM Section – Activity Guide

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