AWS – IAM Section – Activity Guide

AWS – IAM Section Introduction : In this section we will see how to login to Amazon Console and various activities which can be done on IAM Section. Now this IAM Section we can create new users, provide access to particular compute and services, restrict user access. We can also monitor the user policies with different existing policies provided by Amazon.



  • Sign in to AWS console –
    First thing to start with amazon aws is to create a user and you can should create one.


    Description: AWS – IAM Section. 


  •  In AWS – IAM Section  if you don’t have any registered your account with amazon you can sign up here. For this you need to have one mail account and credit card by which you can activate your free tier. Please note that Amazon will give you free access to all its services if you are using only free tier services. 

Note: If you want more on this please us we will be happy to share those details in another post.

  • If you already have user you can directly login to Amazon Console.
  • Go  to AWS – IAM Section Service – Security, Identity & Compliance Section


  • Click on User and then Add user
  •         Select  AWS Management Console Access  in AWS – IAM Section and then Click Next Permission


  •         Next you have an option to add to a existing group of add a new group
  • Next click on Dashboard section and go to group section
  • Add a new group at this AWS – IAM Section


  •  Similarly you can create a Roles and Policy  by going to Dashboard- Policies
  • Add the required roles and create it


  • After creating the roles you can create the policy
  • Here either you can create a new policy or you can attach a new policy to the users or groups.


  • Save it and you can share the custom url to users to login to console. This url can be found at IAM Home Page

In this way you will be able to login to Amazon Console and create a custom user and add the user to some specific group and at last you can attach the policy to the user , so that the user get the access to AWS – IAM Section.


Next section we will talk about Security Status where we talk about 
a. Delete your root access key
b. Activate MFA on your root account


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