AWS Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)

Amazon provides service to upload different type of storage to their data centers. These EC2 storage are block storage. You can upload unlimited amount of data to EC2 storage.

  • Login to AWS Console –

    First up all you have to login to amazon account. If you don’t have account you need to create one. You can also follow our previous post Amazon IAM Section.

  • Go to Service – Compute – EC2
Amazon Ec2 Login page and this page will take you to Ec2 section

  • Click on Create Instance – Launch Instance
EC2 section where you can launch a new EC2 instance

  • In this section you will get many options to chose the Amazon EC2 Images which are already present. Based on your requirement you can choose the Image. Here in demo section I am choosing Amazon Linux (Free Version )

  • Select General Purpose, free tier option and click on next
  • Step 3: Configure Instance Details

    In this section we will add the Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Instance Details and which are as following:
    Number Of Instance
    IAM Role
    Shutdown Behavior

Select all default if you are using free tier

  • Click on Next to add storage
  • You can add tag to this Instance

  • Configure Security Group

Keep it as default for free tier.

  1. Select the Key pair, if you don’t have , create a new one and save it to your local machine
  1. Launch Instance :

Dashboard you can see the newly created EC2

It will take few minutes to provision your Linux machine.

You can see it running now

Using the Ip address you should be able to connect from your putty tool

  1. Here what you need to do it to generate the key ppk file.
  2. For this you need to open puttygen

  1. Click on File and select the Key which you have generated as a part of EC2 Key pair steps
  2. Once you select click on Generate and save it with the name of .ppk extention
  1. Once you generate the ppk key open Putty
  1. Put the IP address in Putty, go to SSH – Auth and select the key which you have generated
  1. Click on open and putty terminal will open

Select yes and login as ec2-user

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