Architecture of Oracle Golden Gate

Architecture knowledge is important

This chapter describe the basic architecture of Oracle Golden Gate. In this Architecture of Golden Gate chapter we will discuss components of Golden Gate. Along with components of Golden gate we will also cover in details about the architectural components of Golden Gate and features.

Architecture of Golden Gate is very important. To understand the concept of Golden Gate. Lets begin with diagram.

Oracle Golden Gate Architectural Diagram
Oracle Golden Gate Architectural Diagram
Components of Oracle Golden Gate:

Golden Gate supports different topology for data transfer. To know more about these topology or mode of data transfer you can read our post Oracle Golden Gate Modes

This section describes more about the architecture of the Golden Gate. These are follows

Source DB:
It contains list  of  tables or  objects   which  need  to  replicates  with  target  DB.

Manager  process  runs  on  source  and  target  DB   which  managed  the  services  also  allocates  dynamic port  to  the  services.

Source Trail:
Source  database  tables change  recorded  in  local  trail  log file   location  if   location  specified   in source  extract  parameters  files.

Data Pump:
If trail log file  location in source  DB then it  read  the  trail  log files  and send  it  to   the target  DB for  replication.

Data pump  or extract  process  use  networks  to  send  trail  log file  to  target DB  trail  log  location  location.

It  collect  the trail log  in a  sequence  also  in canonical  format if  it  use  Oracle.

It  read  the  trail log file  and replicate  the  changes in same sequence on target  DB  tables.

Remote Trail:
Dump   or  extract  process  writes  the    source  DB   tables changes into  target  DB trail file  location  .

Target DB: Target
Environments which  use for replication of the  source  DB changes.


In this chapter we learnt about Architecture of Golden Gate. Addition to this also we have see explained components of OracleGolden Gate.
Hope this gives you basic Architectural knowledge of Golden Gate.

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