Month: October 2019

OCI-Create Autonomous Database

Introduction OCI-Create Autonomous Database is cloud based technology which is designed to automate the DBA admin activities. Released with Oracle Database 18c software. Autonomous Database is self driven , self -repairing and configures its hardware and configuration by its own. Any database store critical business data and it is highly recommended that the performance of …

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OCI File Storage

OCI- File Storage

Introduction Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage service provides a durable, scalable, secure, enterprise-grade network file system. You can connect to a File Storage service file system from any bare metal, virtual machine, or container instance in your Virtual Cloud Network (VCN). OCI- File Storage service supports NFS and Network Lock Manager (NLM) Protocols. Use Cases of File Storage 1. …

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) : Create Bucket Object Storage

Introduction: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers two storage class. Block Storage and Object Storage. Object Storage class is used when you need fast, quick and very frequently used. Object storage tier comes with higher price. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) : Create Bucket Object Storage can be used to simple storage or for archive. About Object Storage …

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